Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You are welcomed

Some days ago my dear colleague & friend Jerónimo López (@jerolba) invited me to write in a blog my experience publishing my first artifact in Maven Central. 

I have many years doing software developer, I'm very active in social networks, currently on Twitter, time before in Java online magazines like http://javahispano.orghttp://theserverside.com, writing articles and comments usually with the nickname jmarranz or with my complete name.

Excluding Twitter (@jmarranz), most of my public exposition is (boring) technical stuff, most of my articles talk about the open source tools I've been making for years, links to them can be easily found in web sites of my projects.   

I've never had the need of creating a blog because my interest has ever been promote my tools to the big world, and Java magazines are the best place, because there was a time I was trying to make my own business.

The problem of this approach to make content is there is no single place to locate my blah blah production, even my main website just contains technical info and no article (only links to them).

It's too late, written articles can be easily found through the pages I control (,, repositories in GitHub and Google Code etc). I'm going to continue doing the same, maybe the difference now is to write first in my "blog" and later in a popular online magazine, not sure, in this case I must obey to Jerónimo, this is the main reason of creating this blog (yes Jero you are guilty).

Blog? What blog platform? Medium? WordPress? Blogger? Tumblr? Google+? 

I recognize I'm a Google guy, yes, maybe Google is not the best place to work in the world, but I like its impressive technology, I love their tools, I love their tech people, I like the Google way of making things, oh yes I know Google is a company going to make money with your data, I'm aware.

So I'm using Google Blogger, is not the coolest blog platform, but I'm not a cool guy, I'm just a engineer, a programmer, a software developer, a code monkey, no I'm not going to use the word "architect", I hate this "position", the brick analogy has made much pain to software industry and specially software developers.

By the way, the default colors of the first theme of Blogger are very similar to my "corporate" colors, only missing the green color :) 

You are welcomed.

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