Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Innowhere's World For Sale

For many years I've been working on personal open source with the exception of JNIEasy still commercial, this project is pending to be made open source, but currently I have no time and makes me angry to throw to the dust interesting C++ code for license management (for instance Java-like code calling Java from C++). is the port to my personal world. Innowhere is the name of my company, the umbrella to cover my personal stuff to make some business when possible (JNIEasy was commercial, ItsNat was licensed trying to make money with commercial licensing).

I'm proud to say that most of the software done by me through Innowhere from the beginning is innovative and unique or I think so, using unique approaches to problems that developers (mainly Java/Web/Android)  have any day. My motivation has been to make unique products in spite of the idea behind is usually obvious.

Yes, it is surprising how many obvious ideas are not executed in the software world. For instance RelProxy makes use of the Java compiler API ever present in any servlet application just to recompile changed classes, ItsNat name is "Natural AJAX" because the server rendering is also web tech, DOM manipulation in server using Java (or the JVM lang you like more) generating JavaScript code to keep in sync the client side (yes you have stateful and stateless options), instead of the weird, and alien approaches of most of the web templating tools.

The current times are hard for me, my productivity is too low to bring my preferred tools to a higher level, technically and related to marketing (better home web site, using ItsNat of course like the current site, better documentation, more pretty examples). ItsNat Web and ItsNat droid could achieve more power and get more adoption and be the foundation of new products (ItsNat iOS?), similar to the good job of Vaadin people, following the Vaadin example, Vaadin is great for web apps (ItsNat could also compete in this area) but not good for public web sites.

In case of ItsNat Droid Android Client SDK, my preferred child where I'm working hard now (as far I can), is getting a good level of maturity (in spite of there are many things to do and things I'm not able to figure out). Unfortunately ItsNat Droid client SDK needs ItsNat Server (for Web and for Droid) to be also improved accordingly (for instance server side Droid components beyond DOM).

ItsNat Droid is in some way very similar to ItsNat Server Web, ItsNat Web delivers by HTTP remotely HTML pages, CSS and JavaScript to a web browser, ItsNat Server Droid (ItsNat Server Web and Droid are the same, ItsNat Server) also delivers, by HTTP, remotely "pages" based on native Android layouts and associated resources like drawables, animations, menus also remote, also Beanshell for scripting with an excellent integration with Android native API.

If you don't be able to figure out some use of ItsNat Droid, you doesn't actually now the problem of Android development and the different types of services/applications of the mobile world (there are enormous differences between a game an the shop app of Amazon).

If you are able to figure out some use of ItsNat Droid, maybe you could discover how it could radically change how app development is done in case of certain types of Android client/server applications and keep using the mature world of UI and services of Android. I'm sure many concrete "persons" would be excited when they could see what ItsNat Droid is already able to do and how much is promising.Unfortunately these persons are "too long" for me because they are "living" in Google, Apple, RedHat, Microsoft, Xamarin, Sencha, Appcelerator, Qt, Vaadin...  

I would like to sell the Intelectual Property of Innowhere, my software, I could keep contributing as much I can FOR FREE.

Innowhere Software Services S.L. (  is a Spanish company, I own the 50% and my partner holds the other 50%, the company is still alive but with no commercial activity.


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